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Birthday Party- Apple Birthday Party

birthday party

A prize worth winning birthday cake. Those apples on top kind a make it seems healthy. Oh and plus no butter cream, no fondant equals less fat. How divine!

This takes me back to my childhood.  I think every birthday party should have candy apple as a treat. Raise your hand if you love candy apple.

Cupcakes are a temptation, add toasted meringue on top, now you have a wicked temptation. Place them on a nice cupcake wrapper now you have a beautiful wicked temptation.

Here is a sophisticated way to use truffle wrappers.

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These truffles are so adorable. I appreciate the effort and talent of chefs that makes beautiful pastries. It makes so much easier on designing and decorating parties, when you have beautiful products to start with.

Candy Apple Birthday Party

Birthday Party

This birthday party is simply delicious!

I can’t say enough how much I love this birthday party. The bright red contrast with the white trays and the brown table. To the balloon apple baskets on the floor.

The cake demands attention on its own. I have to say this is one of my FAVORITE birthday cakes I’ve seen so far. Job well done DFlor.

Imagination, creativity and attention to details, are the key ingredients for a great event design. And in this apple themed event there was an abundance of all three. You know the expression: “eye candy”? I think this event is the epitome of eye candy. I did not taste the cake and the desserts, but they sure do look delicious.

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Birthday Party by DFlor

Birthday Party

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