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Wedding – Coral & Aqua Palette


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Coral & Aqua Wedding


This amazing wedding in coral and aqua was designed by the very talented Wedding Bee Pro. Hosting Essence would like to say: Job well done! They created an elegant, fun and very cozy design. Sometimes big weddings can be a little intimidating and formal. So by using this color palette they managed to transmit a very relaxed and fun atmosphere.

This season trendiest color palette for weddings is the coral and aqua palette. And they go so well together it is a great combination.

IT IS A VERY BEACHY LOOK. The aqua from the ocean water and the orange from the sea corals  spells BEACH.

Coral is a very bold color, which makes it difficult to incorporate it in weddings color palette, by mixing it with the aqua they’ve managed to tone it down a little.  Making it a beautiful palette for a wedding.

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